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09.02.2014 Current Specials: "This is a stunning collection..." - 2013 Willi Schaefer Domprobst & Himmelreich Kabinett If you're into a high-tension, electric style of Kabinett, there's a lot to be excited about. The 2013 vintage provided modest levels of ripeness and plenty of acid zing. Schaefer's Kabinetts really harnessed all of the potential of the vintage.

09.01.2014 Current Specials: 2000 Engel Clos de Vougeot - Cult Red Burgundy Engel's wines possess an edge, a characterful rusticity that never undermines the wines' breeding and mysterious depths. It's one of the qualities that really endear the wines to me. The wines thrive on a subtlety; they are quiet wines yet they deliver plenty of flavor intensity...

08.30.2014 Current Specials: The Geekiest La Bota to Date - La Bota de Florpower #53 Mas Alla And #53 picks up where #44 left off. It's the same wine only aged longer. The #44 was aged under flor in barrel for eight months and then, in tank for two years. When #44 was bottled, they saved 3,000 liters and transferred those from tank into barrels that previously held...

08.28.2014 Current Specials: Deepest Discounts - FINAL DAY Summer Progressive Sale! There are killer deals on some of the greatest wines in the world. We've aggressively discounted each wine as deeply as possible. 

08.26.2014 Current Specials: "One of the great wines of Champagne" - 2000 Philipponnat Clos des Goisses More so than any other in Champagne, Clos des Goisses is notable for its vinous nature. There is the complexity of the world's greatest still wines—just with bubbles.

08.25.2014 Crush Library: Explosive Complexity, Ruthless Minerality: 2011 Colin-Morey Corton-Charlemagne SOLD OUT! A bright acidity pulsates through Colin-Morey's 2011s. And in the Corton-Charlemagne this acidity adds a cut and a beguiling fragrance to the grandeur that this Grand Cru offers. Think of an ultra-elegant and intense spine that carries notes of flowers, citrus, stone fruits...

08.23.2014 Current Specials: "One of the most beautiful and distinctive wines... " - Vouette et Sorbée Blanc d'Argile (2011) Like everything at Vouette et Sorbée, Blanc d'Argile is deep and saturating yet finely etched and emphatically mineral. Its bold, muscular minerality manifests itself in an intense textural dimension yet it remains agile and finessed. That's the genius of this wine. 

08.22.2014 Current Specials: A Testimony to Skill and Insight - 2013 Piuze: Preuses, Blanchots & Butteaux Piuze seems to have judged the 2013 vintage impeccably. The wines maintain a snap, a precision and an expertly calibrated ripeness. 

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