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10.12.2015 Current Specials: "Graced with superb purity" - 2006 Agrapart Minéral Blanc de Blancs Grand Cru The Minéral is one of the most gripping wines of the line-up. It's sourced from two prime selections of 40-year-old vines on the hard, white chalk in Avize and Cramant. This cuvée lives up to its name, bursting with a laser-like minerality.

10.10.2015 Current Specials: Distance Runner: 2013 Roilette Fleurie Griffe du Marquis If you're looking for sternly mineral and long-aging Beaujolais, Roilette is the place to look. Few Beaujolais come close to Roilette in terms of aging or transformation in the cellar.  As Roilettes age, a complex meatiness, dark fruits (black cherries, mulberries, plums),...

10.09.2015 Current Specials: Riesling Aristocrats - 2014 Rebholz Grosses Gewächs: Ganz Horn GG & Kastanienbusch GG These are some of the most thrilling and aristocratic dry Rieslings you'll taste. Every time that I sit down to write in email on Rebholz, I immediately want to crack a bottle open. I'm very happy to offer another great vintage for these two wines.

10.08.2015 Current Specials: Rarity From California's Golden Age: 1968 BV Georges de Latour Private Reserve The first time that you taste an old BV, Mayacamas, Inglenook, Souverain Cellars or Heitz Martha's (to name a few) it's amazing. Even at 40 or even 50 years of age, the wines are very much alive and profoundly complex.

10.07.2015 Current Specials: A Winning Combination - Lowest Price: 2013 Fourrier Chambolle-Musigny 1er Cru Aux Echanges And when you combine Chambolle with Fourrier's style in 2013 you have a winning combination. We see precious little of Fourrier's wines from Chambolle, especially at the 1er Cru level. To put this in better context, Fourrier's Chambolle Gruenchers comes from 0.29ha and his...

10.06.2015 Current Specials: Loire Icon - Important Vintage: 2014 François Cotat Sancerre Les Culs de Beaujeu It probably goes without saying that I've been hunting François Cotat's 2014s. Cotat is one of France's time-tested greats. Tasting old Cotat's can be a profound experience. A few old Cotats over the past few years have convinced me to cellar large amounts of Cotat, particularly...

10.05.2015 Current Specials: Tempier in the Languedoc: 2012 Mas des Brousses Terrasses du Larzac The grandson of Lulu and Lucien Peyraud, Tempier's guiding lights, has gone out on his own with Tempier Mourvèdre clippings in hand.The results are very noteworthy. And since he settled in a low-key corner of Southern France, the wines are great values.

10.04.2015 Current Specials: "Some of the most compelling wines... " - Ulysse Collin Blanc de Noirs Les Maillons Extra-Brut (2010 base) The wines of Ulysse Collin can come dangerously close to overwhelming the senses. They work on a grandness of scale, with such intensity and in such an utterly, mind-bendingly individual way.

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