shipping seasons

To ensure that your wine is transported safely and arrives in perfect condition, we’re extremely sensitive to the temperatures in which we ship. Therefore, we generally don’t ship wine during the winter or summer months to avoid damage that can occur from extreme heat or cold.

We have two main shipping seasons: March - June and September - November. Of course, specific dates depend on weather patterns, time in transit and your location.

If you purchase wine during the winter or summer months, we’re happy to store it free of charge in our temperature-controlled warehouse until the next shipping season. When temperatures are suitable for shipping, we will reach out to coordinate a shipment.

If temperatures are too cold or too hot to ship, but you’d like to ship your wine immediately, we can look for a window to safely ship your bottles via 2nd Day Air or Overnight. You also have the option of signing a temperature waiver, which releases Crush from any liability should the wine become damaged in transit. Once we’ve received the signed waiver, we will ship your bottles at your convenience, via the method of your choosing. 

Please note that we have limited storage space available, so if we do not hear from you during the next shipping season, we reserve the right to charge you for storage. You can read more about our temporary storage policies here.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call us at the store at (212) 980-9463.