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Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Crush Online Account Information

    Logging In

    I cannot seem to log in to my account. I tried the password retrieval option, but never received an email. How do I log in?
    Our new website is not linked to our old website, so if you have never logged in to this site, you simply need to create a new account. 


    Do you have stock of all wines on your website? Do you have wines in the store that aren't on the web?
    The inventory on our website is as close to real time as is physically possible. However, a small chance always exists that someone has purchased an item that shows "in-stock" on our website. For allocated items, priority always goes to the person buying the item in the store. Please call to confirm availability of an item that you're interested in.

    Do you offer quantity discounts?
    Crush offers 10% off mixed or solid cases of Wine, except for items priced above $55 or those items marked "net" -- whose price already includes a discount off of standard list price. "Net" items can also be identified because they end .95, as opposed to discountable items, which end in .99. "Net" items do count towards a mixed-case discount. We also offer 5% off of solid cases of Liquor or Sparkling Wine.


    Can I have a separate billing & shipping address?
    Only if the address is registered with your Credit Card company. You can register a shipping address by calling the issuing bank. For your protection, please note that if you do not have your shipping address registered with your credit card company, you will be contacted for approval by the issuing bank.

    When will my card be charged?
    Your credit card will be pre-authorized online and charged after we confirm your identity and finalize delivery/shipping details, etc. 

    How do I cancel an order?
    To cancel an order, please give us a call at (212) 980-9463.

    Shipping & Delivery

    Do you deliver or ship wine?
    Crush Wine & Spirits can arrange for your wine to get almost anywhere in the world. See our Shipping & Delivery page for full details.

    Can I have more than one billing address?
    Unfortunately, you cannot store more than one billing address at a time on your account profile. However, you can change your billing address by editing it in your profile.

    Can I have more than one shipping address?
    How do I add a shipping address to my account?
    You can specify as many shipping addresses as you want. To add a shipping address, click on "Account Info." Then, click on the "Add New Shipping Address" button to add a new shipping address. For your protection, please note that if your shipping address is different than your billing address, it must be registered with your credit card company for us to process your order.

    Can I delete an address from my address list?
    No. You cannot delete any address but you could change it by editing it.

    How do I make changes to an address in my list?
    To edit an address, click on Account Info to display the details of your account. Click on the "Edit" to the right of the address that you want to change

    Crush Online Account Information

    I've placed many orders on your old website - but my login credentials don't seem to be working on this new site.  What's going on?
    We have replatformed our ecommerce and all customers must register as new to place orders on the new site.

    Can I place an online order without using my credit card?
    At this time, we require a Credit Card to secure all inventory. If you would rather order over the phone, you can always call us at 212-980-9463.