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Winter's Bone

Posted by Daniel Stenson on February 25, 2011

Whether you've been trekking through the snowy Ozarks or merely making Oscar-themed cocktails for two weeks, you may find yourself seeking comfort in the hair of the dog. Kingsley Amis, whom we've referred to in the past and whose writing is something of a Bhagavad Gita to Team Spirit, recommends hot Bovril and vodka for these mornings. If you, like me, had to look up Bovril, try this variation instead:

The Winter's Bone

  • 6oz beef broth (alternatively, 6oz water and one beef boullion cube)
  • 1.5oz Stolichnaya Gold vodka
  • .5oz lemon
  • Tabasco (to taste)

Heat the beef broth to a gentle simmer (considering your presumed state, you'll be forgiven for doing this in a microwave rather than a heavy-bottomed saucepan). Add the vodka, a squeeze of lemon, and a few dashes of Tabasco, stir it all up, and pour into a thick mug. If you're worried about this being boozy soup, remember that you can add a shot of vodka to gazpacho and call it a Bloody Mary. It's hearty, restorative, and fortifying. And hey, do you really have a problem with boozy soup?

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